Sea Development is a limited liability company formed in 2008. Sea Development's mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development, preservation of natural resources, equal opportunities for all and to improve the quality of life.

    The Company aims at:

    • Scientific and technological development in economic and social fields
    • Driving innovational activities, particularly in the areas of health, tourism and ecology
    • Supporting actions of social and economic development taking into account the aging of the population, increasing activity of people with disabilities
    • Promoting healthy lifestyles, preventative care and development of sport
    • Promoting social inclusion and combating social exclusion
    • Supporting education, especially continuing education
    • Building a knowledge-based society, promoting development of information technology
    • Supporting the development of enterprises, in particular SMEs
    • Supporting labor market activation
    • Supporting regional development, preservation of culture and art.

    According to the Articles of Association, total profit is spent on implementation of the above objectives. We are aware of the responsibility for the simultaneous combination of the effectiveness of today's action with creating opportunities and possibilities for future generations.


    Sustainable development requires securing the earth's capacity to support life in its various forms. This applies to issues of environmental protection, social equality and quality of life, cultural diversity and a dynamic, viable economy, providing jobs and prosperity for all.

    Our organization identifies three key objectives: economic prosperity, equality and social cohesion and environmental protection.

    Promoting sustainable development is the result of Sea Development ‘s long-term strategy and is based on the principles of social dialogue and the search for solutions that will benefit our environment: customers, employees, natural environment and the local communities in which we live and work. Inclusion of corporate social responsibility in the strategy and daily operations of Sea Development is a response to the environmental challenges associated with social and economic issues.

    We make an effort so that all employees are involved in the improvement of services and activities in such a way as to limit their impact on the natural environment, while maintaining financial efficiency.

    Contributing to sustainable development, Sea Development takes responsibility for such development, in which the needs of the present generation are met without compromising the ability of future generations to have them met.


    Tourism is an activity that has a significant impact on sustainable development. Part of it is related to the size of the tourism sector and its impact on the economy. Tourism, directly and indirectly, accounts for about 10% of European GDP and provides 20 million jobs.

    Equally important for the sustainable development is the special relationship of tourism, in comparison with other areas of the economy, with the environment and society. It is caused by a unique dependence of tourism on the quality of the environment, cultural diversity and social interaction, sense of security and well-being. On the other hand, ill-considered or over-developed tourism can contribute to the destruction of those special qualities that are essential for sustainable development.

    Sea Development works on such challenges in tourism as reducing the seasonality of demand, improving the quality of employment in tourism, maintaining and improving the well-being of local communities and the quality of life in the face of change; reducing resource use and waste production; protecting and giving value to natural and cultural heritage.


    In the most recent documents of the World Health Organization health is described as one of the main resources of the national economy of any country which determines the development and prosperity of both individuals and society in economic and cultural terms.

    New environmental threats continue to arise and they are associated for instance with development and changes in industry, agricultural and food production technology, water and air pollution, all kinds of radiations, changes caused by human activities within the local bio-systems or finally changing lifestyle (including ways of spending time) due to the growth of technology and the rapid advancements in natural, chemical and biological sciences, giving rise to the development of new substances and chemicals, enhancers or preservatives.

    Due to the progressive degradation of the environment, raising awareness and the promotion of environmentally friendly attitudes should be linked to our everyday lives. For our health depends directly on the state of our environment. Sea Development through environmental projects, particularly in the area of ​education of the younger generation takes an active part in the implementation of the Polish program focusing on health promotion and health education.

  • Any society that wants to actively promote the health of individuals must make an effort to create an informed and well-educated population in this respect.

    Developing necessary habits of taking care of the environment and therefore their health should start as soon as possible. For small children this should be implemented preferably in the form of interesting games, for young people in the form of athletic competition and for adults during their vacation time. Sea Development implements projects aimed at developing specific programs for all ages such as "Sea of ​dreams-sea of opportunities".

    Sea Development with its actions impacts health awareness development among children, adolescents and adults. Through education of how to work, relax and eat healthy we will facilitate for individuals finding a way to live a life full of happiness, joy and self-fulfillment and through our mediSPA&fit offer we enable them to undertake specific actions of preventive health care and wellness.

  • Baltic Plaza Hotel mediSPA&fit **** is a hotel created out of love for space and nature. The attractiveness of the Baltic Plaza Hotel mediSPA&fit **** is emphasized by its location in a spa resort, in Nature 2000 area of protected landscape, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with direct access to a wide beach.

    Hotel’s offer is addressed to:

  • Sea Development treats tourism as a tool for supporting and promoting economic development and recovery, but also as an opportunity to improve quality of life for visitors and local communities. Investment and infrastructure projects carried out by the Sea Development serve that purpose.

  • Tourism sector offers many employment opportunities to people of all ages and variety of skills. Especially for young people, working in tourism is often the first contact with professional life, giving them social and interpersonal skills needed in a customer-oriented service sector. Increasingly, tourism can provide value added to employment in other sectors, through multiple occupations and producing new employment opportunities in the fields of environmental and cultural heritage. Therefore Sea Development is involved in projects that not only increase knowledge and skills of tourism sector employees but foremost build awareness and work conduct mechanisms with respect for the environment.


    Sea Development focuses on a more rational use of natural resources as a factor having the greatest impact on the economy, problems of climate change, waste and water.

    To avoid the depletion of, already limited, natural resources, fundamental changes need to be introduced in the economy. Therefore Sea Development is working towards new legislation, but also promotes the education of the public.

    With the belief that public participation in environmental protection is one of the most important tools for the said protection, we want to get our employees, customers and business partners more involved in environmental issues through emphasizing the value of a clean environment, presenting the beauty of nature, encouraging learning and the use of this common value, but also through understanding the need for limitations of the use of that environment.

    Sea Development activities include both long-term plans, as well as gradual changes - such as promotion of environmentally friendly products and services, and the stimulation of renewable energy research and innovation. Effective development of modern solutions in eco-innovation calls for collaboration of

  • Sea Development has begun preparations for the LIFEecoTURISM project which involves creating the Strategy for Sustainable Development of Tourism for the Nature 2000 area. One of the main objectives is to work towards raising participants' awareness of tourism in terms of their impact on climate change (for example in the choice of means of transport) and the knowledge of representatives of tourism businesses (hotels, spas, other lodging types) about the economic and social viability of solutions deployed to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (such as adequate solutions for heating, air-conditioning, renewable energy usage).

    Awareness raising activities are to be undertaken using the created within the project web portal (which will include practical information on climate-friendly technologies that can be used in tourism enterprises), through the actions of Strategy implementation coordinators, who will target the owners of local tourism enterprises directly and indirectly, by getting tourists to select these destinations using climate-friendly solutions.

  • sEaNERGIA is a Baltic Sea cooperative relationship facilitating eco-energy innovations for the development of spa tourism.

    Sea Development initiated, established and coordinates cooperative relationship sEaNERGIA in the province of Pomeranian and West Pomeranian Voivodeship in order to develop a unique service of eco-energy innovations for the growth of tourism, including health tourism with particular emphasis on solutions for preserving the environment and the use of renewable energy sources. For more information see WWW.

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